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Art is the ultimate form of expression. Art is all around us, and it doesn’t always have to be seen as being so serious. Biha Designs was born out of the desire to make art fun and stylish while using art in a unique way to create trendy and modern décor accents. This fresh and feminine approach to art illustrates what is on the mind of many women today – be it the savvy business woman, or the stay-at-home mom to the fashion-conscious girl who stays ahead of the latest trends, and even little girls who are our fashionistas in training!


About the Founder, Nabeela Ismail

Nabeela has an extensive background in art. She graduated from the UK with a degree in Art History. She has worked with high-end art galleries and artists which helped to inspire her to establish Biha Designs. She wanted to offer people an affordable, yet unique and trendy way to add special, artistic accents to their personal or work spaces. Each design is a lifestyle reflection piece. The different designs use local culture and symbolism while also integrating international fashions and trends.


Biha Designs provide an affordable means to accessorize and add that cheeky and chic touch to any room or office. The carefully cultivated designs incorporate anything from print art to quotes to iconography. They can be hung on a wall, framed and placed on a desk or shelf, and of course would make the perfect addition to any side table or dressing area like I did.


These gold prints are an ideal way to brighten up any space and make wonderful gifts or giveaways for friends and family no matter what the occasion might be. The prints are all individually made and the collection will soon extend into custom made art pieces and accessories as well.


In short, they are just awesome! We light up the room, make me smile and most of all, they are the best motivation I have gotten in a long while! I just love the combination of fonts and colors! Like I can’t even..


Get in touch or follow Biha Designs to see the latest news and creations from the talent artist, Nabeela!

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