Things I learned as a DIY Blogger!


As DIYers, we all have had to learn some pretty tough lessons, mostly the hard way; in the middle of a project we thought would be so easy, I’ve had my fair share in the mishaps and give up on a few short-lived dreams. It’s depressing.

So here are the lessons I have had to learn while becoming a DIY blogger!

Know when to buy and when to DIY

I’ve had many projects come to a stop because I thought DIY would be fun, but making it turned out to be double the price of buying. Or I had no idea what I was doing and wound up royally screwing up.

When I first started out, my motto was, “DIY is always better.” Now it’s, “If you can buy it for a similar (or better) price, just buy it.”

There’s a reason some items are so expensive

Your only goal is to save money, then DIY is not always your answer.  I have found myself on more than one occasion marvelling at how expensive something was because it took a lot of time, effort and money!

Some people are far more skilled than I will ever become

Sometimes the item that gets pinned is made by someone with skills that it took them years to master. And then I buy the materials, get to work, and it goes unfinished. No matter how simple it seems, these things are harder than they look and require skills that I simple do not have. Like painting a straight line. Sounds easy; looks easy; but trust me, its not!

Never take the easy way out

On more than one occasion, I have kicked myself for using spray paint. I don’t know why I bother anymore. It never looks right when I do it. I hate the fumes. Brush painting would, honestly, be easier. Of course, I did it because spray paint is supposed to be easier. The funny thing is that I still use it and every time, end up with a huge mess!


One thought on “Things I learned as a DIY Blogger!

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