Backpack Essentials!

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Many people ask me what my school essentials are.. so here it is! 

Vivian Angelia Leather Backpack: $39.20 (I reviewed this amazing bag! Check out here)

DEMILY Floral Printed pencil case: $30

Lilly Putlizer Large Agenda – Hot Spot: $28

Hair elastic with a bow: $4.99

Ringbinder A4 Light Grey: $27.58

Monki Hairpins: $3.34

EOS Smooth Stick Lip Balm: $5.90

Bobble water bottle 1 litre: $21.52

I know we all have different needs and we pack according to them! These are just what I prefer and it can change form person to person! I would also recommend some mints or gum, comb, tissue and some makeup products that you may use on daily basis like a mascara, face powder and some lip and cheek tint! 

Let me know what is your favorite item from your bag in the comments! And subscribe if you liked this post so that I can have more posts like this in future!  


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