Review: Pebeo Studio Acrylics


I was hesitant to try these because the description says they dry to a satin sheen so I only got the smaller tubes pack to give them a try. And honestly, I love them! They are not at all shiny, like most acrylic paints. I did notice that they get a little sheer when you add water, but they are already so rich and buttery that you don’t need to do that. Also, I have a really bad habit of not painting in one direction in the first coat and covering it up with another coat of same paint, which results in my paints finishing really fast but these paints are my savior! No matter which direction I paint in, they work with me and I don’t even need second coat because there are no brush strokes.


They are really pigmented, no jokes! And not to forget the best part.. they dry in minutes (depending on the thickness). They also adhere really well and do not make the painted surface stiff.


Although it did come with a free brush, I don’t see any use of it (other than giving rough texture) since it is very rough and stiff.


Lets tally!


Not so impressive


Thick and creamy, without water of course

Dry Time

Few minutes depending on the thickness

Peels/Chips Off

Only under tough conditions (scratching the painted surface)

Color Quality

Highly pigmented

Other supplies that came along

Paint brush: poor quality, hard bristles


A tad bit pricier compared to other brands

Over all, I would say this is an excellent product. Totally worth the splurge. I have finished some tubes already and plan on purchasing the bigger individual tubes, although they are a bit pricey than other acrylic paints. Here is a tip, if you cannot afford the large packs of paints, then opt for 5 basic paint colors. Purchase the larger tubes of the white, black and primary colors (red, blue, yellow) You can mix these colors to get the wide range of secondary and tertiary colors. I am sure we all know the color wheel and to get the exact colors, you can also refer some great websites and videos out there. Problem solved.


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