Tiger and Kiara


You might have seen some pictures on Instagram but I don’t think I’ve properly introduced two of my absolute favorite mammals on the face of this planet to you here on my blog. Tiger and Kiara. 

They came into my life in July of 2012, as teeny kittens that where somewhat malnutrition. little And now they have grown huge. I have always loved cats since I was a little girl. There’s something about them that I have always been attached to, maybe since my family always had cats around. Felines have the best temperature! They will sit on your lap, they’ll run about and play and they’ll fall asleep on you and beg you when you enjoy your meals. They are really friendly and find that their characteristics are so hilarious. Having had them for more than 2 years, I can now easily distinguish the differences between the two personalities which I love.

Tiger is the one with the white tummy. He is a little more laid back, like the older brother. I named him Tiger because of the way he jumps around on walls (literally) and this dominating and muscular body structure. 

Kiara is the naughty one, who is more adventurous and daring. Although she much prefers cuddle time and will curl up and sleep on me, whereas Tiger will just sit and watch the world go by. She is the first one to reach the bowl when I fill them with food and gets the most excited for everything. I named her Kiara because of the hyper and sporty nature, similar to a character in Simone Elkeles novel, Rules of Attraction.

I love having them and listening to them meow away every day. They are so cute and I love them both so much. And they both actually understand when I talk to them and reply me back! How smart are they!?

If you want to see more of them, let me know in the comments below and I will do more blog posts on them! 


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