Lessons Learned from The Fault In Our Stars!



I finally found the time to get myself a paperback of The Fault in our stars and finish the book! And I will not lie, I enjoyed it although I did not get some references. When I saw review, they showcased the book in a different light. However, I did not cry for long hours and I will not be scarred by the sorry of the story. What can I say? I am a strong jane!

We have a choice and we can pick either sides, i.e view life as tragic or beautiful or tragically beautiful.

Most of our lives are spent being so caught up in our own world that we don’t notice what is going on with other people out there. And we certainly aren’t bigger or more important than the people around us. It is important to extend concern and attention to others as well, regardless of what we may be going through at the time.

On the other hand, our life becomes tangled with another significant person, that we do not notice what is going on with our self. We neglect our self and our healthiest life because we like to care for others whom we want to please. These are great qualities but they have to apply to everyone, including yourself.

It is not the number of years that determines whether you live a full life, but how you spill life into the years.

It is better to have one person that really knows you inside and out than a room full of friends that have never scratched below your surface.

Although at times, there are some situations we cannot escape, but no one has taken from us the right to decide how we respond to it.

Some people have good reason to turn out vindictive and cold, but there is no reason that could ever justify it. A mean, vindictive person is still mean and vindictive regardless of the reasons why.

The span of our life is out of our control. It’s unknown. Live now and fully every day. There are some things that just can’t wait. Time can be our enemy or our best friend. Which side will yours be on?

I believe the only fault in our stars actually tells us the fault in our eyes and whether we take the time and focus to notice the stars at all. What would you make out of your self? A dim star barely visible in the darkest of skies or a star so loud that no one will forget it, because of the way it outshine the rest? Decision is yours! I think I will choose the latter!



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