Animals put down!??

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESRecently, I came across multiple forums where some pet owners were under crisis due to financials or something and had asked various pet shelters to take in their pet. And that is alright! But the issue starts when these shelters had replied by clearly stating that they did not have place of new pets and the owners should ‘put them down’. In other words, they had asked to kill the pets..which is also considered as a murder. Some of them used the words ‘put to rest’ but I would not use those words, because this is anything but that! I am aware of the amount of cats and dogs that are increasing rapidly in our neighborhoods but killing them is just not the solution. I am very concerned about this, and I really want to put a stop to this ridiculous act of inhumanity! I am a Muslim, but I am sure that every other religion out there, or even our moral values teach us to not harm anyone, especially the innocents! Lets look at the situation this way, if an orphan or abandoned child is taken to a shelter where there is not enough room for more kids, will that child be put down? I don’t think so! Organisations that claim to provide ‘shelters’ and are ‘friends of animals’ clearly don’t know the meaning of those words because the last time I checked, none of us go around murdering our ‘friends’! We are no one to decide who gets to live and who doesnt! So if you can do anything, please help me stop this! Any act of kindness towards these innocent animals will mean alot, no matter how small!


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