Maxi Dresses by Body Types!

I’ve heard every excuse out there—I’m too short, too big-chested, too hippy, too muscle-y – for not wearing a maxi dress. In my opinion, every lady should own maxi dresses, unless you have a very strong dislike for them (which is not possible!). Learn which one works for your body shape so that you don’t have to make up excuses later. But remember, avoid pairing heels with maxi dresses – only petite people are allowed to do that!

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Petite Frame Pear Shape/ Wider in hips Hourglass/ Curvy Figure Busty Boyish/ Athletic Built
 -High waistline for illusion on height-Avoid large print – anything with print larger than your fist should be left alone -Solid color for bottom, probably in a darker shade than the top -Cinched-waist style with a full skirt-You can opt for cap sleeves  -V neck to balance your upper half  -Fitted column dress would make you look more toned and leaner than you already are (Plus points!)-Something preferably with a drawstring waist line

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